RLS Clients

At RLS we are pleased to announce we have worked with the following clients.

-- Brandon Gentry, GCCI Inc.

RLS Fire Client - Gracie ConstructionGCCI, INC. is a commercial general contractor located in Santa Rosa, CA. We have had the pleasure of working with RLS Fire Protection on numerous projects. RLS is a company dedicated to their job and each individual project. They are a responsive company with exceptional service. Their outstanding performance and attention to detail has led them to be a premier fire protection contractor.

GCCI, INC. has contracted with RLS Fire Protection on multiple large aircraft hangers at Napa Airport in the past few years. Most recently was a twenty-five thousand square foot hanger. The hanger was equipped with an office building in the rear of the structure. RLS Fire Protection was our first choice when choosing a fire sprinkler contractor. RLS was able to perform their scope of work in a timely and professional matter without problems or delay.

GCCI, INC. has also had the pleasure of working with RLS Fire Protection on the Healdsburg Courtyard Building in Healdsburg, California. This is a twenty thousand square foot multi-use building with retail shops on the first floor and office buildings on the second floor. This project was located on the main drive in downtown Healdsburg, so excellence was a must. RLS Fire Protection was again our fire sprinkler contractor of choice. When excellent quality of work was required, RLS was able to deliver that excellence above and beyond what was needed. They truly are an organization that we enjoy and look forward to working with.

-- Sam Turner, Gracie Construction Inc.

RLS Fire Client - Gracie ConstructionI have enjoyed working with RLS Fire over the years. We have completed a number of intricate projects together; both commercial and residential. When I started my own business, I went directly to Ron and his staff for my fire protection work. They continue to do good, clean work at very competitive rates. I appreciate the value they bring to my projects.

Their solid design work and good rapport with local agencies continues to help streamline the permit process, as well.